Some kind people have expressed an interest in donating to my projects, I have therefore setup this page to facilitate that.

Making Amiga games in assembler takes a lot of work, I started work on Bomb Jack Beer Edition on 31st October 2017 and finished the project on or around 30th May 2018, I calculated at least 800 hours was spent developing the game along side having a day job, wife and a 4 year old – I loved every minute of it though!

Rygar AGA was a larger project to undertake and took well over 1,000 hours to complete, from 31st July 2018 through to 10th October 2019, while the game is not to everyone’s taste I’m sure most agree it resembles the arcade and is a joy to see on the Amiga platform.

Along with the Amiga, both Bomb Jack and Rygar hold a special place in my heart as I played them every chance I could during my childhood.

If you would like to donate to my past, present or future projects then please do so using the Paypal donate button below.

Below is a list of donations that I have received:

From / Date:Amount:
Craig Coope / 27th October 2019£10.00
Nico Tomatsidis / 17th May 2020£10.00
Fabio Ferrante / 19th May 2020£5.00
Colin Reid / 19th May 2020£30.00
PAVG / 12 June 2020£10.00
PAVG / 28 June 2020£5.00