Episode #1 – Tool Chain Install and Configuration

In this episode I’ll be taking you through the steps on how to setup a modern tool chain using Windows, WinUAE, Notepad++ and VASM.

This is a mandatory step if you are going to follow my series.

Click here to download the associated Power Point slides.

The VASM Build file contains the following commands:

C:\Development\ToolChain\vasm.exe -m68020 -kick1hunks -Fhunkexe -o C:\Development\ToolChain\test.exe C:\Development\AmigaGameDev\main.asm

cmd /c copy c:\Development\ToolChain\test.exe C:\Development\Machines\A1200Test\DH1\test.exe

cmd /c copy c:\Development\ToolChain\test.exe C:\Development\Machines\A1200Debug\DH1\test.exe

Download Links

WinUAEDownload Here

Notepad++Download Here

VASMDownload Here

M68K.xmlDownload Here

MonAm.zip – Download Here

ProPack.zip – Download Here

8 thoughts on “Episode #1 – Tool Chain Install and Configuration”

  1. Hi,

    still not seeing where to get MonAm & ProPack from. I thought you had an archive you could share or something. Where do we find them?


  2. Have you tried the VS Code Amiga assembly extension? It has a nice visual debugger, which might be helpful for new assembly programmers.

    Great project either way!

    1. Haven’t tried it actually, I think I read somewhere that it was more integrated with FS-UAE… would love to see a demo of it though. Geezer

      1. Hi mate,
        set this up, everything worked as you said. However the Test.Exe file that is generated is 76 bytes in size, it locks the Amiga. It doesn’t read the left mouse button. I have loaded the file after booting into Workbench from the CLI and it does the same. It does load into MonAm exactly as you have shown in your demonstration and shows the disassembled code correctly.
        Not sure what is happening.

      2. No scratch that, it works perfectly.

        I had “btst #6,$bfe0001” instead of “btst #6,$bfe001”, the extra zero locked the Amiga up!

        .lmb btst #6,$bfe001
        bne.s .lmb

        moveq #0,d0

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