Episode #1 – Tool Chain Install and Configuration

In this episode I’ll be taking you through the steps on how to setup a modern tool chain using Windows, WinUAE, Notepad++ and VASM.

This is a mandatory step if you are going to follow my series.

Click here to download the associated Power Point slides.

The VASM Build file contains the following commands:

C:\Development\ToolChain\vasm.exe -m68020 -kick1hunks -Fhunkexe -o C:\Development\ToolChain\test.exe C:\Development\AmigaGameDev\main.asm

cmd /c copy c:\Development\ToolChain\test.exe C:\Development\Machines\A1200Test\DH1\test.exe

cmd /c copy c:\Development\ToolChain\test.exe C:\Development\Machines\A1200Debug\DH1\test.exe

Download Links

WinUAEDownload Here

Notepad++Download Here

VASMDownload Here

M68K.xmlDownload Here

MonAm.zip – Download Here

ProPack.zip – Download Here

6 thoughts on “Episode #1 – Tool Chain Install and Configuration”

  1. Hi,

    still not seeing where to get MonAm & ProPack from. I thought you had an archive you could share or something. Where do we find them?


  2. Have you tried the VS Code Amiga assembly extension? It has a nice visual debugger, which might be helpful for new assembly programmers.

    Great project either way!

    1. Haven’t tried it actually, I think I read somewhere that it was more integrated with FS-UAE… would love to see a demo of it though. Geezer

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